Here’s a round-up of the most recent must-know TV news stories, scoured from the dizzy chaos of the world wide web…


It’s irreverent, it’s topical, it’s not Spitting Image. Meet ITV’s new satirical sketch-show blending traditional puppetry and animation, poking fun at politicians in the build-up to the election, as well as the royals, stars from the worlds of sport, TV and music, and some international despots for good measure. Check it out Wednesdays, 9pm.

(via Radio Times)

Game of Thrones to break record

150415 - Game of Thrones

Sky Atlantic has decided to take part in a worldwide broadcast of acclaimed drama series Game of Thrones. The broadcast will see the show watched simultaneously in 173 countries including the UK and Ireland, breaking the record for the biggest TV drama simulcast in history. From next Monday (20th April) episodes will be aired in both 2am and 9pm slots.

(via Radio Times)


150415 - Buzzfeed MIP Com

President of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Ze Frank has said he thinks of short-form videos as springboard to TV shows and films, seeing clips as ‘a fantastic way to build affinity with shows and characters’ before spawning movie projects. “We make lots of content: we’ve made over 3,000 videos in the last two years, we make over 50 a week right now and we do a billion views a month,” said Frank in a keynote interview at the MIPTV conference in Cannes. BuzzFeed’s strategy will be to use short content to test new characters and ideas with a large online audience, in order to judge which are most suitable for extending to TV or film-length projects.

(via The Guardian)

C4 to follow TRANS children in new docs150415 - Transgender child

Following Louis Theroux’s recent BBC Two documentary Transgender Kids, Channel 4 will examine the worlds of trans and gender diverse children in a trio of new documentaries titled Young and Trans, The Camp and The Testosterone Diaries.  The programmes will follow young people living in the US and UK who are navigating the complex world of gender dysphoria.

(via Digital Spy)

Spike Airs in UK

150415 - Spike

Spike, a new free-to-air TV channel, launches tonight and there are a few little trinkets in the schedule that might actually make viewers watch. Broadcasting to the British public for the first time (it’s originally American), Spike features original shows as well as some firm favourites. The starting line-up includes Lip Sync Battle, Breaking Bad, Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away and Fail Army.  Ben Frow, Channel 5’s Programme Director, whose editorial team will oversee commissioning, scheduling and acquisitions for the new channel, said: “Spike is a driven, high-energy channel offering a point of view and programme mix I think is different from anything else on British TV right now.”

(via Mirror Online)

The 100 on Amazon Prime

150415 - The 100

The 100 is now available to view on Amazon Prime. The series is set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilisation, but a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. A dramatic must watch.

(via Amazon Prime)



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