‘Sweat the Small Stuff’ – BBC3

Sweat the Small Stuff is a nifty and somewhat absent minded schedule filler feat. Radio One’s Nick Grimshaw. The panel show’s premise is two teams competing in five rounds of tenuous questions and games to discover what gets people sweaty (as in “annoyed” and “embarrassed” and “peeved”).
Dont Sweat the Small Stuff 3
The first, Sweatlines, looks at the week’s most riling headlines.
The second, Sweat Challenge, sees two contestants in a VC’d external shoot in which they compete to be the most embarrassed.
The third, Sweatbox, features a couple of celebrities asking for the best cures for their pet peeves (e.g. How do I stop people asking if my bum is fake?!!).
The fourth is a seasonally themed round – this week “Shalloween”, in which contestants have to guess which horror characters have been transformed into sexy outfits.
The last, Sweat Selector, selects any random sweat-related game.
Dont Sweat the Small Stuff 2
The panel guests were witty, the host capable and the set thought through, with an overall concept that should work reasonably well. However, overall the show was pretty switch-overable. There was little coherence in the rounds (for improvements look to Virtually Famous), a not-quite-there sense of humour (for improvements look to Celebrity Juice) and not much to take away (for improvements look to QI).
But hey, hats off as it’s made it to Series 4 so someone must be watching…


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